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Radio mobile NEXEDGE/Analogue UHF - cetification ETSI

Points forts

"One Radio" with Multi-protocol Support: designed to operate under an NXDN or DMR digiyal CAI, and FM analog protocols
Upgradable Digital/Analog mode by software option (no firmware upgrade required)
Easy visible, white backlit LCD display: Alphanumeric, 10-digit, 13-character frame (aliases and icons)
7-color LED indicator used to display various radio status
Renowned KENWOOD Audio Quality: 6 W (max.) loud audio and optimizable TX/RX audio profile: Audio Equalizer, Auto Gain Control (TX/RX) and Microphone type settings
Max. 260 channels per radio, 128 zones per radio, and 250 channels per zone
Various scan functions: Dual/Single Priority scan, Multi/Single Zne scan and more
Orange-colored Emergency button & Customizable Emergency functions
D-sun, 15-pin connector on the rear panel
IP54 and MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F/G/H

Accessoires fournis

Câble d' alimentation CCOui
Mode d'emploiOui
Support de montageOui
Ensemble de visOui

Caractéristiques NEXEDGE

Full details of all the NEXEDGE features available from your Kenwood dealerOui
All Group CallOui
AMBE+2 VocoderOui
Emergency CallOui
Group Call (Trunking Mode)Oui
Individual Private Call (Trunking Mode)Oui
Individual CallOui
NXDN Conventional IncludedOui
Type-D TrunkingOui
NXDN Digital 12.5/6.25kHz Channel SpacingOui
NXDN Scrambler IncludedOui
Over-the-air AliasOui
Paging CallOui
Priority Monitor IDsOui
Radio Access Numbers (RAN)Oui
Remote MonitoringOui
Remote Stun/KillOui
Short & Long Data MessagesOui
Status MessagingOui

Caractéristiques DMR

AMBE+2 VocoderOui
ARC4 Enhanced EncryptionOui, - option -
Call InterruptionOui
Digital Analog Mixed ModeOui
Digital Bit ScramblerOui
Direct Mode (P2P)Oui
DMR Tier IIOui
DMR Site RoamingOui
DMR Auto Slot SelectOui
Dual-slot Direct ModeOui
Group / Individual CallOui
Individual Call with AcknowledgementOui
Late EntryOui
Over-the-Air Alias (OAA)Oui
Remote Stun Kill, Monitor, Check & ControlOui
Single-slot Data TimingOui
Status / Short Data, Paging CallOui
TDMA 2-slot System ArchitectureOui


Choix de microphones compatibles (en option)Oui
Microphone haut-parleur MIL-SPEC avec commandes programmablesOui
Alerte klaxon/PAOui

Normes applicables

For use in the EUOui
MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G/HOui

Spécifications techniques

Bande de fréquences400 - 470 MHz
Number of Channels260
Number of Zones128
Channel Spacing - Analogue - Wide/Mid/Narrow25 kHz/20 kHz/12,5 kHz
Channel Spacing - Digital - Wide/Narrow12,5 kHz/6,25 kHz
Current drainStandby: 0.45 A max.
RX: 2.4 A max.
TX: 10.0 A max.
Frequency Stability± 0,5 ppm (-30 °C to + 60 °C)
Operating Temperature Range-30 °C to + 60 °C
Alimentation électrique13.2 V DC (10.8 - 15.6 V DC)
Dimensions (WxHxD)W x H x D: 160 x 43 x 137.7 mm
- Projections not included -
Weight (net)1.21 kg

Caractéristiques du récepteur

Audio Output6 W / 4 W (at 4 Ohm)
Intermodulation65 dB
Selectivity (Analogue)25 kHz: 75 dB
20 kHz: 73 dB
12.5 kHz: 65 dB
Sensitivity (Analogue) - EIA 12 dB SINAD25 kHz: 0.26 µV
20 kHz: 0.27 µV
12.5 kHz: 0.22 µV
Sensitivity (Analogue) - EN 20 dB SINAD25 kHz: 0.32 µV
20 kHz: 0.33 µV
12.5 kHz: 0.33 µV
Sensitivity (Digital)NXDN @ 6.25 kHz 1% BER = 0.24 µV
NXDN @ 6.25 kHz 3% BER = 0.19 µV
NXDN @ 12.5 kHz 1% BER = 0.30 µV
NXDN @ 12.5 kHz 3% BER = 0.24 µV
Spurious Reponse Rejection75 dB

Caractéristiques d'émetteur

RF Power Output25 W / 5 W
Audio Distortion3 %
FM Hum & NoiseAnalog @ 25 kHz: 45 dB
Analog @ 20 kHz: 43 dB
Analog @ 12.5 kHz: 40 dB
Spurious Emission (EN)< 1 GHz ≤ -36 dBm
1 GHz - 4 GHz ≤ -30 dBm