Analogue PMR radios and systems


KENWOOD introduced its first professional two-way radios in 1978, entering the US land mobile market in 1983 and the European market in 1991.


In 1995, KENWOOD launched its TK-250 licensed hand portable analogue two-way radio walkie talkie which quickly set new standards for quality, reliability and durability in operation. To date KENWOOD analogue devices are in use across the world in every application from peer to peer to trunked network communications.


Having established a strong presence in licensed analogue radio, with hand-portable and mobile radios, base stations and repeaters, the Company turned its attentions to the license-free PMR446 frequency band following the European Communications Committee's decision to replace the Short-Range Business Radio service (SRBR).


The legendary KENWOOD Pro-Talk PMR446 walkie talkie, now in its third generation has proven itself across a wide variety of Business & Industry as well as in semi-professional applications - its unbeatable combination of KENWOOD build quality, ease of use and performance making it the first choice for discerning users.


Considering migrating to digital operation in the future?


KENWOOD NX-1000 / NX-3000 & NX-5000 Series multi-protocol DMR/NXDN/P25 radios all feature native mixed Analogue/Digital mode operation and can be incorporated in your analogue fleet at any time. If you want to keep your options open, choose the NX-1200 AE3 and NX-1300 AE3 FM Analogue model provide a perfect stepping-stone to digital as you can choose to upgrade to either DMR + FM Analogue or NXDN + FM Analogue formats at a time to suit your needs.

Soumis à licence

Soumis à licence

Kenwood analogue licensed hand-portable walkie talkies, mobile units, base stations and repeaters offer cost effective voice and data communications for business radio users. In addition to peer to peer communications, wider area coverage and additional functionality may be achieved through the addition of MPT 1327 protocol trunking.

Sans licence PMR446

Sans licence PMR446

Much imitated but never bettered Kenwood ProTalk analogue PMR446 license-free hand portable two way radios offer users the assurance of instant, reliable short range radio communications from a rugged, durable and proven handset. For less demanding applications, the Kenwood UBZ range offers a compact and lightweight alternative.