ProTalk PMR446

ProTalk Digital Licence-Free PMR446


PMR446 two-way radio communications offers free and unlimited calls with no subscription charges or license applications to complete, which makes it ideal for applications where one to one or group voice communication is required over distances of up to 6km.


KENWOOD's analogue ProTalk® PMR446 was launched in 1999 and quickly established itself as the preferred choice of professional users, with a reputation for providing instant, reliable radio communication in a simple to use rugged and durable handset.


With a ProTalk Digital hand portable walkie talkie, KENWOOD raises the bar in professional license-free radio communications performance. In addition to the extended range, improved noise reduction, increased security and clarity of the dPMR446 digital protocol, ProTalk Digital dPMR 446 incorporates many advanced features including the ability to operate in both digital and analogue modes (allowing you to talk to existing analogue PMR 446 users) and with 16 analogue and 32 digital channels, you can be sure of congestion free communication.


Analogue vs Digital Diagram


As RF signal strength weakens with distance, analogue reception becomes increasingly noisy and intermittent. Digital dPMR446 technology improves reception to the full extent of the coverage area – increasing the effective coverage area by as much as 20%.



ProTalk Digital dPMR446 radios are ECC Decision (15)05 ready and every radio is supplied complete with handset, lithium-ion battery, mains charger, belt clip and instruction leaflet for a professional quality communication solution straight out of the box.


ProTalk Analogue PMR446


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TK-3701DE - Emetteur-récepteur portatif Numérique / Analogique FM PMR446 - certification ETSI


Emetteur-récepteur portatif Numérique / Analogique FM PMR446 - certification ETSI