Multiple Charger

Disponible comme KSC-326T (prise UK 3 broches) et KSC-326E (prise Euro 2 broches).

Points forts

6-Way multiple charger
Batteries can also be charged separately from radios
Ni-MH : rapid charge timer : 300 min.
Li-ion : rapid charge timer : 300 min.
Charges KNB-32N, KNB-33L, KNB-47L, KNB-48L, KNB-54N, KNB-58LEX, KNB-70LEX, KNB-77LEX, KNB-L1M, KNB-L2M, KNB-L3M and KNB-N4M batteries
Simple in-line layout for ease of use
Label space for each pocket
Overcharge protection (Auto Trickle Charge mode)
Independent circuit for each pocket
Excellent RF immunity performance